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Top researcher, Robert Emmons said: “The pracice of graitude can increase happiness levels by around 25%. This is not hard
to achieve – a few hours of wriing in a graitude journal for three weeks can create an efect that lasts for 6 months or more. 
Culivaing graitude also brings other health efects, such as longer and beter quality sleep ime.” 
Are you intrigued yet? Here are 10 Ways to Pracice Graitude Today!*
1)     Post words, photos, and objects of graitude in your home. Place the items where you will see them oten, and then let  
         them remind you to be grateful.
2)     Graitude journal. This is the most common graitude pracice and one of the most efecive according to research. Write 
         5 things you are grateful for and try not to repeat items too oten. Do this each night before bed or even once a week but 
         do it regularly and sincerely.
3)     Graitude Leter and Visit. Think of someone who has made a powerful impact on your life, write a leter of graitude 
         to them then visit them and read it in person. You can mail it too, but actually doing it in person is one of the most  
         powerful graitude pracices you can do! 
4)     Incorporate graitude into exercise or morning rouines. Relect as you warm up for exercise, it is a great way to start 
         your day.
5)     Say “Thank You” more oten. Just start saying it. For Everything. Everyone likes to be thanked.
6)     Write Thank You notes. When someone touches your heart, write them a note. It’s also wonderful to write a note “just   
7)     Text your loved ones a message of thanks. Simple. Efecive. One of the greatest ways to make their day, and yours.
8)     Pracice Mindfulness to appreciate each moment. Focus on the present moment. Noice what is around you.    
        Experiencing what is right in front of you is one of the surest ways to keep a grateful heart. It also ensures you won’t miss  
        a single blessing.
9)     “Three Blessings” Exercise. This is a great family acivity. At dinner ime or before bed, ask your child to tell you three  
           blessings they have experienced that day. Make sure you join in too!
10)     Acknowledge one ungrateful thought per day and replace it with a grateful one. Learning to hear, quesion, and alter  
           your thoughts into something more grateful is a blessing. It gives you the power to change your life one ungrateful             
           thought at a ime.
*Source: The Blog of Dr. Chrisina Hibbert