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Once spring comes, the weather is nicer, everything rejuvenates in nature- the spring flowers bloom and the hiking trails and downtown of every city become all a buzz. I get that spring cleaning bug...usually the normal things; to clean closets, the garage, even the junk drawers...but I thought it would be helpful to have a list of items most of us don't think about but really do need to be maintained.

More than likely you have spent more on your home than anything else you own- so why not do a few things yearly to make sure it stays in tip top shape? With these simple 10 tasks once a year, you will be sure to have a home you enjoy for years to come!

2.) Drain your water heater to eliminate sediment. Click here for a how to; Drain the water heater 
3.) Clean your clothes dryer vent duct- as this can be a source of fire hazard. Click for how to
4.) Vacuum your bathroom vent covers.
5.) Make certain you have fire extinguishers in good shape in the kitchen area. Checking your fire extinguishers 
6.) Make sure all trees and bushes are away from the walls and roof of your home-- trim as needed.
7.) Clean your refrigerator's condenser coils to keep it operating efficiently.
8.) Clean around your air conditioning compressor and make sure that it gets sufficient air flow
9.) Make sure your water softeners and RO filters have been changed at least 1 a year
10.) Dust all plant shelves, any high us areas that may get over looked during your regular cleaning throughout the year. 
11.) Power wash your exterior and any cement
12.) check on your roof and make sure there are no broken tile, that the caps on the corners are still there and that no pest have built a nest or were able to get in.



Now, you can hire great companies out to do most of these items if you chose and can save you a lot of time—and if you decide to, let me know as I have some very trusted professionals that can help you with all of these things and more…that would be happy to help!  Remember, contact me as I am always around if you have any question or need help with anything!  Beeryrealty@gmail.com 480-570-1912