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As we’re gathering for the holidays with beloved friends and family, let’s make a point to listen and be mindful of each other. Each of us has experiences that are worth sharing. The kids can’t wait to visit Santa. Grandma is eagerly awaiting her first great grandbaby. Dad is ready to carve the turkey and Mom is coordinating the festivities. Weaved into all of the activity are our daily lives filled with change.

Family dinners are beneficial for kids as much as they are adults.

The stress of the season shouldn’t be overshadowed by the benefits of gathering for the holidays for all members of the family. Keep holiday planning simple. Our friends are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the second year in a row. After the stress of cooking and cleaning for a dozen guests last year, have opted to order dinner from a local grocery store. They want to focus conversation on their son who is finishing his first semester of college and share news of an upcoming trip, along with catching up with the rest of their family.

I love spending time with loved ones because I understand the value of that time to the entire family. Research shows that kids who share stories about their lives around the dinner table on a regular basis are more likely to love reading and have large vocabularies (Source). Not only that but they get valuable time with you, and during the holidays, with extended family who they may not see the rest of the year.

Building family ties (remember the tv show Family Ties from the 80’s??) and memories that kids of all ages carry with them into the future and you need a place that is welcoming year round.

At Beery Realty, we’re here to help you find the home that is right for your family.

We want to do more than simply help you buy or sell a home. We’re want to answer questions, provide a current home valuation, and talk about the next steps for your home buying and selling needs in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, and San Tan Valley. As you’re enjoying time with loved ones, you may hear these (or other) scenarios related to finding a home:

  • Adult children may be living at home while they save to purchase a home of their own.
  • Grandma may want to move to a 55+ community or she may want to move in with you.
  • You and your spouse may want to downsize or maybe you need a sandwich generation home - space for your adult kids and their kids plus your own parent/s.
  • Your daughter and son-in-law are thinking of becoming real estate investors and aren’t sure where to start.
  • Your son is getting married and he wants to find a starter home for a growing family.
  • Divorced family members are needing to sell their current home per the terms of their divorce, and each want to purchase a new home near the children’s schools and their work.

As you’re gathering for the holidays, we recommend keeping the stress low and the laughs plentiful. Listen carefully and let your loved ones know Beery Realty is here for all their real estate needs. We look forward to working with you.