De-Cluttering 101 Tips for Your San Tan Valley Home

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At some point in our lives many of us have had to move. Whether it’s from mom and dad’s house to our first apartment or from a home where we raised our children to a smaller home. It can be heartbreaking to part with items that we’ve hung on to just to de-clutter for the next move but we’ve got to do it.

Here are my De-Cluttering 101 Tips for Your San Tan Valley Home:

  1. Organize. Designate four empty bins where you will put items to keep, throw away, give away, or recycle. There is no “maybe” pile. [You can have a “sell” pile if you have a plan to sell the items such on eBay or at a yard sale. Once the sale is over, you must get rid of unsold items.]
  2. Go slowly. Start with the refrigerator then a closet or drawer per day. Place each item in one of the four designated bins. No cheating except items that you need to keep in the fridge. Everything has a place.
  3. Stop buying. You can’t de-clutter if you’re bringing in more items, especially if you’re moving to a smaller home.
  4. Storage boxes don’t equal de-cluttering. When I was a kid, I considered my room clean if all of the stuff on the floor was shoved into my closet. My parents didn’t agree and as an adult I can see their point. Putting stuff in a closet or into boxes – or renting a storage space - isn’t de-cluttering. It’s just putting clutter in a new place. You’ve got to open the boxes and start throwing away, giving away, selling, or recycling.
  5. Everything has a purpose. Don’t keep things that you’re not using. Each item has to serve a purpose. Keep extra bedding for when company visits but give away books that you’ve already read.

For some of us, stuff isn’t just stuff. De-cluttering can be a stressful time filled with emotions. I often think of it as a new beginning rather than an ending especially when sorting through sentimental items. Ask a friend to help or hire a professional organizer.

If you’re de-cluttering your San Tan Valley home and looking for a new place, Beery Realty is here to help!