Checklist for Buying a Queen Creek Home

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It’s important to do as much research when you can when you’re preparing to buy a home. And while it’s necessary to read up on everything you can before you begin searching, it’s also a good idea to have a checklist for buying a Queen Creek home like this one:

Step One: The Home

For each home you visit, ask about the following features:

  • Square footage
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of full baths
  • Number of half-baths
  • Condition of walls (interior)
  • Closet/storage space
  • Kitchen storage space
  • Basement –if applicable
  • Fireplace
  • Cable TV/Internet
  • Exterior appearance (condition of outdoor walls, overall appearance)
  • Front and back lawn areas
  • Deck/porch/patio?
  • Fence
  • Garage
  • Windows/screens
  • Age and condition of roof
  • Cost of utilities

Step Two: The Neighborhood

Drive through the neighborhood at different hours of the day so you see and experience what the community has to offer.

  • Appearance/condition of neighboring homes
  • Safety
  • Noise level
  • Traffic issues
  • Kid-friendly?
  • Average number of children per residence?
  • Parking
  • Police
  • Fire Protection
  • Pet restrictions
  • Parks/recreational facilities
  • Trash removal
  • Insurance fees for home

Step Three: Schools

If you have children or are looking to start a family in the next few years, here are the things you’ll want to check for in relation to education:

·         Age/condition of schools and buildings

·         Reputation of school district

·         Test scores of current students

·         Quality of teachers and educators

·         Private school locations (if you’d prefer private school)

·         Play areas/playgrounds

·         Class sizes

·         Curriculum

·         School safety

Step Four: Community

It’s important to live in an area where you not only love your house, but you feel at home in the community. Ask about these:


·         Schools

·         Religious community centers (churches/synagogues/etc)

·         Shopping centers/grocery stories

·         Proximity to your place of employment

·         Hospitals

·         Doctor and dentist locations/quality

·         Parks and recreation

·         Restaurants

·         Entertainment (movie theaters, shopping malls, etc)

·         Airport

·         Proximity to highways

·         Public transportation – bus? metro?

Before heading out on a search, have a copy of our checklist for buying a Queen Creek home and call the team at Beery Realty to check real estate inventory that matches your wishlist.