Are you looking for the East valley real estate diamond in the rough?

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Are you looking for the East valley real estate diamond in the rough? The real estate market in this area (Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley) moves quickly. Finding a great deal is often challenging and the deals often come with challenges like structural integrity issues or outdated design. Helping buyers find the home that’s right for them is why I love being a real estate agent!

Tips for finding your East valley diamond in the rough

  1. Find a full time Realtor to have them help you in your search.  (Yea, I know this seems self-serving but real estate agents are educated in the market and the ins and outs of purchasing homes and can help so much through the entire process).
  2. Get pre-qualified (different than pre-approved) by a licensed mortgage broker, they are held to a higher standard than bank loan officers. Make sure you will be dealing with one person the entire time during the process. This is a real factor that I have seen become quite frustrating for many a buyer- as once the loan is going through it’s process they are passed to different people and no one knows the whole story. Not to mention licensed lenders can show you some great options from many different programs out there -- that are out there to help you, not the bank.
  3. Have your real estate agent start a portal for you so you are looking at just the homes for sale on the ACTUAL MLS, so many other websites will show you homes that have sold or have offers on them - what is the point of finding the perfect home if you can’t make an offer on it.
  4. Look on Google Maps to see if the location is desirable. Drive by the homes you think you will like and make note of factors like power lines, backing to a road, too close/ or not close enough to a school, the overall feel of the neighborhood can be determined just by driving through the neighborhood at different times of the day.
  5. Use the Buyer’s Advisory it is chock full of valuable information for someone looking to purchase a home in Arizona.  It has schools, crime rates, fissures locations, Airport traffic reports and so much more.  
  6.  Now is the time to go take a look at the ones you have narrowed down.  Schedule some time to meet and go into each home so you can really see the home’s pluses and minuses. Evaluate what it is you are concerned about and what it is you like about the home.From there, you will know if you are on the right track to find the home you will really enjoy living in.    

I hope that helps you in your pursuit of your East valley real estate diamond in the rough. If you have questions, please call the Beery Realty team.